Great News: Book Announcement!

“This book is amazing!” These are the words of Karen Winslow, Professor and chair of the Department of Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University.

Announcing the release of Uncontrolling Love, a book of essays that explores implications of the idea that God’s love is inherently uncontrolling. More than eighty authors contributed to this collection, which will be released on August 15th.UL Cover Photo

What people are saying:

“This book is amazing! Each essay contains precisely worded insights and thoughtful, practical responses to Oord’s book, The Uncontrolling Love of God. Essayists cite their own reasons for recognizing, claiming, and articulating what Oord calls “essential kenosis theology.” In an array of accessible vignettes, essayists illustrate Oord’s relational thesis: God’s love is necessarily self-giving and others-empowering.”
–Karen Winslow; Professor and Chair of the Department of Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University

“Jesus proclaimed God as a loving parent, and this basic approach dominates in the New Testament. But many people revere controlling power more than love. Thomas Jay Oord has reclaimed the good news of the uncontrolling love of God. Many rejoice and respond with uncontrolling love for one another and all God’s creatures. This book embodies the response of the church, lay people and pastors, students and teachers, liberals and conservatives. Readers can join in this work of theology by witnessing to what a loving God is doing in the world.”
–John B. Cobb, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University

The Uncontrolling Love Tour:

In conjunction with the essay collection, we will be hosting a number of parties with Thomas Jay Oord and essay contributers. These parties will primarily feature discussion of the implications of the uncontrolling love of God. Below is the current schedule. Come back to this page in the future to stay up to date with the schedule.

Sept. 29-30 Redondo Beach, California
Oct. 7-8 Junction City, Kansas
Oct. 14-15 Nashville, Tennessee
Nov. 4-5 Portland, Oregon
Nov. 11-12 Boston, Massachusetts
Dec. 2-3 Cleveland, Ohio

We’d love to have you come out and dive deeply into the uncontrolling love of God!

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