Many people assume God controls everything. Others assume God is capable of control, but God usually chooses not to do so.

But what if God is not in control and cannot be controlling?

If God were not controlling, it would mean that our long-held assumptions about God’s power would be wrong. It would require us to rethink what God does in the world and how God does it. And it may push us to reread scripture, rethink traditional beliefs, and think differently about our everyday lives.

The essays on this website rethink divine power in light of God’s uncontrolling love.

Presentation1Most writers draw from Thomas Jay Oord’s ground-breaking book, The Uncontrolling Love of God (Intervarsity Press Academic). But these essays go beyond or deepen what Oord envisioned in the book.

Some essays explore what it might mean to apply the book’s ideas to the big questions of life. Others explore the implications of God’s uncontrolling love for how we read the Bible and do theology. And some essayists consider how we might live our everyday lives if we thought God’s love was uncontrolling.

In offering these essays, we’re starting a conversation about God’s uncontrolling love. We hope you engage that conversation. Just reply to the essays by adding comments as you see fit.

If you’re really interested, consider writing a constructive essay of your own. We are always adding essays that build upon or explore the idea that God’s love is uncontrolling.

Welcome to the conversation!